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With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), it has been predicted that it will begin to replace many human tasks. This discussion has largely centered on industries such as manufacturing, customer service, and healthcare, where machines can perform tasks incredibly efficiently.

Machines were thought to be mostly barred from the creative realm, at least for the time being. Many people thought they couldn’t paint a picture, make music, or write a book like us. These are tasks that necessitate a free and creative human mind, and art is central to the human experience.

This is evolving!

Machines will not fully replace humans in the creative realm, and who would want them to? Instead, AI is enabling artists from all over the world, from amateur to professional, to create previously unimaginable types of art.

So, how exactly can AI be used to create art?

Many tools and applications have been created by researchers and developers that can be used by anyone to create art. Because the majority of these work with Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), it’s important to understand what a GAN is.

What exactly is a GAN?

GANs are frequently used in art pieces generated by AI-based algorithms. A GAN trains two sub-models at the same time. The first is a generator model, which is trained to generate new examples, and the second is a discriminator model, which attempts to categorize examples as either real or fake. The two models are trained concurrently until the discriminator model is fooled roughly half of the time. When this happens, the generator model starts producing plausible examples.

Artificial Intelligence in the Creative Process

AI is entering the creative process much faster than many of us imagined possible thanks to these GANs. Computers are becoming more involved in creative activities such as music, fine arts, and architecture. They are challenging everything we thought we knew about the creative process and how “human” it is. This ecosystem has resulted in the release of numerous new tools on the market that can assist artists, or anyone else, in using AI technologies to generate art.

Now that we understand how AI is being used in the creative process, let’s look at some of the best AI generation tools and methods available:


Image 70
starryai art by Reddit user goZiva

NightCafe Creator

Image 71
NightCafe art by user Dipi11


Image 72
ArtBreeder Portrait Examples

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