AI-generated art from Financial Times

In less than a minute, with no human intervention, a website or app can generate an astounding visual approximation from any statement, such as “Ginger cat looks longingly over a vista of Istanbul from the top of a minaret while the sun sets, anime style.”

The question is whether or whether artificially created artwork will influence future artistic endeavors by humans. In light of the recent cover article in FT Weekend Magazine, we decided to compile some of our readers’ own AI artworks made using open-source software such as Dall-E 2 and Midjourney.

Some of the top entries are included here, along with details on the tools and inputs the authors used to produce them. Give us your feedback in the section below.

Pavel Kohout


Image 2
Prompt: “Manhattan in the year 7000, with jungle and no people, photorealistic painting” © Pavel Kohout
Image 3
Prompt: “The destruction of Manhattan, oil painting by Hieronymus Bosch” © Pavel Kohout

Xuemei Tang


Image 4
Prompt: “Shanshui painting by Edvard Munch” © Xuemei Tang

David Power


Image 5
Prompt: “fastnet rock lighthouse, dramatic, halloween, pumpkin, bats, spiders, waves, witches, broom sticks, full moon, scary, stormy, lighthouse” © David Power

Yan White


Image 6
Prompt: “2 parrots: 1 steampunk parrot, and 1 cyberpunk parrot, looking at each others’ reflections through a mirror that is spilling cosmic dust in both dimensions –ar 3:2 –v 4” © Yan White
Image 7
Prompt: “stochastic parrot looking inside a mirror, seeing as its reflection a beautiful asian woman wearing feathers with brightly coloured iroquois hairstyle reflected back –ar 3:2 –v 4” © Yan White

Rafael Larraz


Image 8
Prompt: “An oil field and an oil refinery painted by Van Gogh” © Rafael Larraz

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