Both sides of the story of AI

AI upending the art world is a lovely headline, reminiscent of the classic ‘banana on the wall’ moments that litter art history. It grossly ignores the intent and potential of these technologies. Consider the individuals who are trying to express themselves because they have no use of their bodies right now, and provide them with the means to do so. What might Steven Hawking’s voice sound like with such amazing tools? That, I believe, is where the true worth lies.

According to another artist, Mankind, AI art draws us closer to our humanity rather than farther away. Before a near-death experience, the guy behind the Triple M logo and former music video director for Australian band The Living End worked in the art world for many years. It resurrected his life and career, relying on AI to transform hope in novel ways.

All of this will simply become art. We don’t refer to it as canvas or print art. It’s just art. AI is simply one of the methodologies and technology we now use. AI, in my perspective, gives artists superpowers. The software is evolving faster than I can keep up.

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Mankind’s ‘Snoop Dogg’ piece. Source: Instagram

It’s not as simple as easy as many believe. You’ll have a tough time generating a good-looking visual if you don’t grasp the ins and outs of image-making. It isn’t magic. Artists provide understanding of lighting composition, history, and style, all of which will enhance the end result.

What’s more intriguing is Shutterstock’s announcement of a ‘Contributor’s Fund’ to recompense artists whose work is used to train AI art models. This is most likely influenced by Getty Images’ decision to prohibit the sale of AI art because to copyright concerns and potential licensing issues.

To put it another way, the remainder of the narrative is yet to come.

We need to be more wary about anything human. At this pace, given how quickly technology is progressing, anything made by a person should be considered divine. Because, in a few years, maybe ten, a human will be an uncommon thing. We must safeguard it at all costs.

Art has always challenged itself. Is this considered art? What exactly is art? What emotions does art elicit in you?

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