Mesmerizing Dream art

As artificial intelligence (AI) technology has gotten better in recent years, a lot of AI-based tools have popped up on the internet. AI techniques can turn low-resolution photos into high-quality ones, simulate Wimbledon matches, summarize long research papers, make art, and even watch traffic on the road. Dream, a new AI-based digital art program, has recently gained attention because to the fascinating digital artworks it can generate with just word descriptions.

An AI-powered dream can suggest paintings you may like.

The Dream app was created by Wombo (the famous deepfake app) and is now accessible on several platforms, including Android, iOS, and the web. Wombo is also the creator of another famous AI program called Wombo, which generates lip-synced versions of meme music.

After Wombo’s success, it’s time for Dream to shine as well. The software is becoming more well-known, especially on Twitter, where people show off what it can do. Here are a few examples of tweets:

What is the procedure?

The Dream app asks users to provide a short description of how they want their artwork to look. They will also be required to choose an artistic style. Following the instructions, the program creates unique artwork depending on the art style and the prompt phrase or description supplied.

While it is unclear how the technology works, The Verge reports that the app depends on vision datasets for training, which are vast libraries of photos annotated with pertinent captions. This is similar to how these applications work. There is no information regarding the dataset used to train Dream, but it is probable that the business utilizes a diverse group of pictures to train it since the program can produce a variety of artwork related to games and anime.

And the results are stunning. Each piece of artwork has a different flair. Furthermore, the prompt words that were used to produce each of them can be seen in the bottom left corner of the photos.

So, if you’re an artist looking for an AI-powered tool to help you make artworks that look good, Dream should be what you’re looking for.

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