The creative value of AI art

When it comes to art, some argue that a computer will never be able to match human inventiveness. In the age of artificial intelligence (AI), however, it is getting harder to back up that claim. AI art is a growing field in which algorithms for artificial intelligence are used to make art. Of course, not everyone believes AI art is genuinely art.

How will AI Art alter our perception of creativity?

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Video stills: using dalle·2 in painting onto video frames to generate the objects on the leaf. No photoshop. No photos. All ai. Paul trillo

AI has come a long way in the last few years. It can now make works of art that fool experts into thinking they were made by humans. Our creative world is changing quickly because of big steps forward in AI algorithms. Many artists now have AI image generators at their disposal, resulting in the birth of human-AI co-creativity. But where do we draw the line between what is actually creative and what is just noise created by an algorithm?

Several AI picture generators, including DALLE2, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion, have made waves in the art world. AI image generators can generate realistic pictures and art from natural language descriptions, yielding incredibly lifelike results. These technologies are based on CLIP models (Contrast Language Picture Pretraining), which are image and text pair combinations. To create the pictures, this is paired with diffusion models, which use a guiding approach of gaussian noise to boost sample fidelity at the price of sample variety in order to get the best results. These techniques have been used in conjunction to create anything from phony celebrity faces to strange landscapes and innovative goods.

Our creativity, like AI, needs input on which to build an output. Human creativity is founded on prior experiences and conceptions. If a person has no concept of what a pumpkin or soup is, they are unlikely to make it. Similarly, kids are unlikely to acquire a spontaneous desire to become professional wrestlers if they have never been exposed to the notion of wrestling or the idea that you can do it for a living.

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Creative ideas need unique combinations of previously acquired information. To make and recognize a new combination, you need to know a lot of different things and move your mind in a lot of different ways. Our mental maps are limited, but being exposed to more events, places, works of art, and other things helps to make them bigger.

What impact will AI Art have on who can become an artist?

For centuries, individuals with the time, ability, and expertise to create a masterpiece by hand were the only ones who could do so. The financial expense of all of these things puts many people out of the running to become artists. However, with the introduction of AI art, all of this is starting to change.

Anyone with a computer and internet access may now produce AI art. As a consequence, the obstacles to becoming an artist are fast dissolving. This opening up of art to more people will change how we think about creativity and self-expression in a big way. It will also provide fresh chances for folks who have never considered themselves to be artists.

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