The real plight about AI

You have a powerful weapon if you utilize it as a tool. However, if you continue to consider this tool as an opponent, you will lose this competition.

AI is just a tool for making your job more efficient. It all depends on how you want to utilize it.

How can we put it to use in the future?
I’ll offer you three suggestions about how to interact with AI.

Use it to get ideas.
Are artists simply creating art in their heads and on blank paper? No, it does not.

We are all inspired by other artists. When I do 3D art, for example, I utilize Pinterest. Some individuals study industrial design in order to create amazing art. We’re stealing each other’s art. That is true of all art. And AI may be our initial source of inspiration.

Taking on different art forms
Each artist has their unique artistic flair. The AI art generator may create a variety of art styles. For instance, if you join the Davinci style, you may create paintings in that manner. If you are an artist, you may go outside of your comfort zone and try a new painting style. This will help you to be more creative.

Make more art.
The main advantage of using an AI design generator is that it speeds up the design process. All you have to do is type in the word you want to create. It simply takes 5 minutes to create this work of art. As a result, you may create new designs 10 times quicker.

AI allows you to produce more designs. This will allow you to build your company more swiftly. AI cannot handle marketing. As a result, people must do it. However, AI may assist with the product component, which is the design. If you want to increase your quality, you must prioritize quantity.

Is it possible that creative individuals may become extinct in the future? No, it does not.

It all relies on how we use this technology. This tool is used by many designers to help them work more effectively. We must acknowledge AI’s potential. It’s just incredible. However, we may utilize it as a tool. This is the most fascinating aspect of technology.

Let’s take a look at folks and how they use this technology.

1. Refik Anadol is an artist who creates art using artificial intelligence. His art style is distinctive. He creates wallpaper art using AI using hundreds of millions of data points and photos.

2. MKBHD studios created this challenge. He organized a contest with his graphic designer and Dalle-2. The end outcome is in the video, which you can see here. Anyway, this film was an excellent demonstration of human vs. AI.

3. This is the website where you can see the whole example of people how using AI as an art. You can know how to build an AI art generator or the history of AI. You can learn anything about AI which is absolutely amazing.

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