What can you do with AI art?

AI-generated art is a lot of fun to experiment with, but what are the real practical applications? I’ll show you some innovative instances of what AI art can achieve.

Who owns AI-generated art?

First, consider who truly owns AI-generated art. This is a very complicated problem, and we don’t have a good answer for it yet. You generate the prompts and instructions that result in the finished output, but you do not actually create the art on the screen/page.

So, in that case, who was the artist? Both sides contribute to the making of the work. On some level, the AI may be seen as a tool, similar to a paintbrush. A picture cannot be created without a paintbrush, yet the AI is doing much more “work” than a paintbrush.

What do the AI services think about it? According to OpenAI, the creators of the popular DALL-E 2, they “retain ownership of the original picture.” Stable Diffusion, on the other hand, is freely accessible for business and non-commercial use.

In sum, the question of “who owns AI-generated art?” remains largely unanswered. However, you should feel comfortable utilizing your AI art for personal, non-commercial uses.

Print your own wall artwork

Image 36

You most likely have art hanging in your house, and chances are you didn’t create it yourself. Even if you don’t feel very creative, AI art generators may help you display more personal works.

It’s much more exciting to have a completely original piece of art created by AI than a generic “Live, Laugh, Love” poster from Target. Consider it like having your own personal artist who can paint anything you desire.

Make custom birthday cards

Image 37

Birthday cards are intended to be personalized, yet most of us purchase mass-produced cards and write our names underneath the generic greeting. You don’t have to be an artist to make a more personalized greeting card for any occasion.

There are several online card printers. Shutterfly is a popular alternative, and Walmart has a surprising variety of printing choices, some of which can be picked up the same day. You can, of course, use a nice printer if you have access to one.

Make wallpaper for your devices

Image 38

Wallpaper is by far the simplest method to customize the appearance of your phone and computer. There are several applications and websites devoted to wallpaper curation. Why not try making your own?

Many AI art generators enable you to customize the image’s aspect ratio. For example, if you want to generate a wallpaper for your laptop, you may specify that the picture should be in 16:9. You could want something like 19:9 for a phone.

In the end, AI-generated art is nothing more than a new genre of art. It may be utilized in many of the same ways that “traditional” art can. The main distinction is that you have a say in the final output. Make something awesome and make it into reality!

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