Unlocking the legal aspect of AI art

Do you give your pencil the rights to your drawing if you do one on paper? Despite how ridiculous it may seem, copyright claims in AI have really been attempting to address this very issue. More and more individuals are turning to AI-powered programs that can generate artwork on their behalf. You should get used […]

What can you do with AI art?

AI-generated art is a lot of fun to experiment with, but what are the real practical applications? I’ll show you some innovative instances of what AI art can achieve. Who owns AI-generated art? First, consider who truly owns AI-generated art. This is a very complicated problem, and we don’t have a good answer for it […]

AI art’s powerful creation

The famous Mona Lisa. Elegy for Fanny. Lake Swan. These are the kinds of works that immediately spring to mind whenever the subject of art is brought up; they are instances of really massive manifestations of creativity that have stirred people’s emotions for millennia. The arts are typically seen as uniquely human endeavors. Recently, however, […]

Try putting AI art on your wall

Automatic art generators powered by AI are now a reality. Now that this innovative technology is available to the general public, consumers have more variety when it comes to selecting artwork for their interiors. You can easily refine your concepts thanks to the iterative nature of AI art production technologies like Midjourney of DALL-E. As […]

The 3 ways AI art will affect creative agencies

Midjourney, DALL-E 2, Disco Diffusion. The titles of the latest crop of developing technologies seem like the titles of a science fiction book or the sequel to a sci-fi book. Artificial intelligence (AI) is fast transforming the art world. Not only do creative technologists have some new buzzwords to toss about, such as “multimodal AI” […]


What occurred in the year 2022? To summarize, several LLM models have entered the mainstream and have swamped all social media sites this year. Everyone in 2022 heard about ChatGPT (million subscribers in 5 days), which outperformed Instagram, which took 2.5 months! I believe everyone saw a visual made by Dall-e, Stable Diffusion, or Midjourney […]

Insane art using AI

I’m completely addicted to the new artificial intelligence art app Dream, which allows users to create algorithmically generated images with the click of a button. It has been used to see how AI recreates American symbols and history, such as the stars-and-stripes designs above, which were created using the term “United States of America.” To […]

AI art is not suitable in games

AI art may be messed up. I could stop writing here. Technology is already being misused by shady firms and people who would rather take the hard work of others than put in their own. There may be a future in which artificial intelligence may be utilized as an ongoing resource for painting, literature, and […]

Picasso AI art app can understand Arabic

It is often assumed that the future is Western – or at least English-speaking – in this era of technology, development, and science fiction turned true. When it comes to technology, especially AI, which depends so much on a superhuman vocabulary, it’s a given that they’d grasp English. What’s the purpose if you can’t get […]

Behold! AI has cracked the workplace secret

Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Forum’s founder and chairman, warned that the Fourth Industrial Revolution will have a profound influence on our lives. Every sector would be digitalized and disintermediated, necessitating the development of new business models. Furthermore, due of the risk of job loss, employees would need to be quickly reskilled and upskilled. Schwab […]

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