AI is not just about art

For decades, we’ve been taught that artificial intelligence will steal our jobs. It was when Kurt Vonnegut wrote the Player Piano when he shared that the workers of the world have been replaced by robots and machines. These ideas have recently found their way from the pages of books into the economic forecasting papers of governments […]

Strangest works of art of 2022

Out of all the things that 2022 will be remembered for, the year when generative AI art burst will be the most memorable for creatives. AI art generators evolved from being an entertaining curiosity to a powerful technology that is accessible to everyone and has become hard for creatives to ignore in the blink of […]

Artists gather to rally against AI art

With the “No to AI-generated pictures” campaign, both professional and amateur artists complained about how fast AI-generated images are spreading and pushed for rules in this area. In general, AI-generated pictures or art refer to artwork made by artificial intelligence computers. Dustin Panzino, also known as ‘inkwell drawings’ on social media and with over 100k […]

Painting pictures with words

Over the last decade, AI’s reality-bending abilities have been kept increasingly busy. We’ve seen computer vision-powered 3D dioramas, trend-setting style transfer, viral photorealistic selfie-tuning, selfie-retouching, face swaps, and deepfakes, and plenty of frivolous (and hilarious) selfie filter fun in between. AI-powered visual remixing has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to capture attention. However, keeping “eyes on” […]

Swim on to the new AI creative landscape

AI art systems are popular. Despite the fact that they’ve been around for a while, 2022 will be recognized as the year the AI art revolution started. AI tech firms, large and small, for-profit and non-profit, have been building text-to-image generative models that have sent shockwaves through the creative community, which had previously felt protected […]

Meet Aida!

Ai-Da is more than simply a robot and an artist. Her makers refer to her as “the first ultra-realistic humanoid artist,” and her brilliance is apparent. The aim for Ai-developers, da’s though, isn’t to have created an incredibly skilled robotic artist. They want to start a discussion about how far we as a society are […]

AI dream in the future

I spent a lot of my leisure time over the summer vacation producing paintings. I don’t mean with a paintbrush or some colored pencils, but with Dream, an app on my phone. Dream, which was made by the Canadian company WOMBO, which is known for its deepfakes with lip-syncing, lets users “create stunning art with […]

AI art as the real deal

With the growing popularity of AI art generators, there has been a heated discussion regarding whether AI pictures qualify as actual art. But what if there is no such thing as actual art, and the only art generated is by AI? Swedish philosopher Nick Bostrom made the argument in 2003, building on the ancient traditions […]

Curiosity kills the cat

If artificial intelligence can outperform humans in every mental activity and robotics can outperform us in every physical task, we will have created a superfluous and inferior species! At first glance, Elon Musk’s comments about the dangers of artificial intelligence (AI) may seem exaggerated. However, these are the realistic predictions of a man who is […]

Four ways to detect AI art

Over the last few months, artificial intelligence demonstrated its ability to generate essays and images. More importantly, its content frequently matches that of humans. Is it possible to distinguish between man-made and AI art? Fortunately, there are a few options available to you. This article will go over a few techniques for detecting AI-generated images. […]

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