Ai art

Still, AI art is art

Technology and photography What about the AI algorithms themselves? Isn’t it that, rather than the artists, makes the artwork? Hearing statements like these, I can’t help but think of how photography has endured similar criticism. Critics feared that the camera would kill art or make it too simple. However, photographs like Alexander Rodchenko’s The Stairs, […]

True art

How to create true art

As artificial intelligence becomes an unstoppable force, it poses some challenging concerns about the role that humans will play in the future inside a society that is becoming more mechanized. The preliminary findings of these research indicate that we may offer the greatest value to our efforts by concentrating on the following four important areas: […]

New AI art generators

The year 2022 may go down in history as the year AI art became popular. A flood of high-quality tools from many sources, based on various AI models, is making AI art available to anybody with a smartphone and an Internet connection. An AI model is used by the tools to turn text input, known […]

AI is not just about art

For decades, we’ve been taught that artificial intelligence will steal our jobs. It was when Kurt Vonnegut wrote the Player Piano when he shared that the workers of the world have been replaced by robots and machines. These ideas have recently found their way from the pages of books into the economic forecasting papers of governments […]

Unlocking the legal aspect of AI art

Do you give your pencil the rights to your drawing if you do one on paper? Despite how ridiculous it may seem, copyright claims in AI have really been attempting to address this very issue. More and more individuals are turning to AI-powered programs that can generate artwork on their behalf. You should get used […]

What can you do with AI art?

AI-generated art is a lot of fun to experiment with, but what are the real practical applications? I’ll show you some innovative instances of what AI art can achieve. Who owns AI-generated art? First, consider who truly owns AI-generated art. This is a very complicated problem, and we don’t have a good answer for it […]

Should AI-generated art be considered real art?

As AI art generators take over the globe, some question if they should even be classified as art. Because the technology is still in its early stages and has to be refined, there are drawbacks to consider alongside the great art that competent artificial intelligence can create. Let’s start by defining art and determining whether […]

AI art as artists

As an artist, I’m interested by the rise of AI art and its acceptance in the art world. It’s fascinating to think that artificial intelligence can produce something similar to art, but it’s also scary. On the one hand, AI has the potential to open up the art world and give more people access to […]

Seeing the whole picture

People have recently gotten more irritated with AI-generated art, but possibly they are seeing it incorrectly. Many of the unhappy and upset argue that it is not true art, that it is minimal effort, and that it just replicates the style of other artists and reuses photos. The Guardian reported last week that a Dune […]

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