Should AI-generated art be considered real art?

As AI art generators take over the globe, some question if they should even be classified as art. Because the technology is still in its early stages and has to be refined, there are drawbacks to consider alongside the great art that competent artificial intelligence can create. Let’s start by defining art and determining whether […]

AI art’s powerful creation

The famous Mona Lisa. Elegy for Fanny. Lake Swan. These are the kinds of works that immediately spring to mind whenever the subject of art is brought up; they are instances of really massive manifestations of creativity that have stirred people’s emotions for millennia. The arts are typically seen as uniquely human endeavors. Recently, however, […]

Dream, dream, dream…

If you’ve been on Twitter recently, you’ve definitely seen a slew of AI-generated photos springing up all over your feed like strange, algorithmic visions. These images were created with the help of Dream, a new software that allows anybody to make “AI-powered paintings” by just entering a short description of what they wish to see. […]

The real plight about AI

You have a powerful weapon if you utilize it as a tool. However, if you continue to consider this tool as an opponent, you will lose this competition. AI is just a tool for making your job more efficient. It all depends on how you want to utilize it. How can we put it to […]

Strangest works of art of 2022

Out of all the things that 2022 will be remembered for, the year when generative AI art burst will be the most memorable for creatives. AI art generators evolved from being an entertaining curiosity to a powerful technology that is accessible to everyone and has become hard for creatives to ignore in the blink of […]

Insane art using AI

I’m completely addicted to the new artificial intelligence art app Dream, which allows users to create algorithmically generated images with the click of a button. It has been used to see how AI recreates American symbols and history, such as the stars-and-stripes designs above, which were created using the term “United States of America.” To […]

Artists gather to rally against AI art

With the “No to AI-generated pictures” campaign, both professional and amateur artists complained about how fast AI-generated images are spreading and pushed for rules in this area. In general, AI-generated pictures or art refer to artwork made by artificial intelligence computers. Dustin Panzino, also known as ‘inkwell drawings’ on social media and with over 100k […]

AI art is not suitable in games

AI art may be messed up. I could stop writing here. Technology is already being misused by shady firms and people who would rather take the hard work of others than put in their own. There may be a future in which artificial intelligence may be utilized as an ongoing resource for painting, literature, and […]

Artists are slowly being replaced by AI

Many artists are ecstatic about the possibilities, while others are terrified. How can an artist earn a living at $500-600 per piece when anybody with a basic computer can produce ten higher-quality artworks in minutes and sell them for $50 each? To be honest, AI art scares me to death. And I believe that many […]

Curiosity kills the cat

If artificial intelligence can outperform humans in every mental activity and robotics can outperform us in every physical task, we will have created a superfluous and inferior species! At first glance, Elon Musk’s comments about the dangers of artificial intelligence (AI) may seem exaggerated. However, these are the realistic predictions of a man who is […]

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