Should AI-generated art be considered real art?

As AI art generators take over the globe, some question if they should even be classified as art. Because the technology is still in its early stages and has to be refined, there are drawbacks to consider alongside the great art that competent artificial intelligence can create. Let’s start by defining art and determining whether […]

The truth about AI art

What exactly is AI art? Art created by artificial intelligence is known as AI art. This can take many different forms, but it usually involves the use of algorithms and machine learning techniques to generate visual artwork, music, or other forms of creative expression. AI art frequently investigates the intersection of art and technology, and […]

Weirdly human with AI art

Just a month ago, I was stuck in a creative rut. The Covid-19 epidemic was altering relationships, meetings, and working methods. When we were all physically separated from one another, I, like many others, struggled to feel motivated. Despite the turmoil and uncertainty, I discovered an unexpected collaborator: an AI. At the time, I discovered […]

AI art as the real deal

With the growing popularity of AI art generators, there has been a heated discussion regarding whether AI pictures qualify as actual art. But what if there is no such thing as actual art, and the only art generated is by AI? Swedish philosopher Nick Bostrom made the argument in 2003, building on the ancient traditions […]

AI prompt can boost your inner artist

People were ecstatic about these programs since the outcome was stunning and they could be used by everyone. I’ve been toying with these tools and became interested in constructing visualization models with AI that unravel how the mind processes information, and I can vouch to their democratizing impact. I’ve created hundreds of photographs almost completely […]

What AI means to society

The art-making process for “AI artists” is determining what string of words would yield the greatest picture — not what colors to combine or brush strokes to attempt. As the complexity of AI art generators grows, so does the ability to trick spectators. A poll was devised to see how well Yale students could tell […]

DALL-E, Stable Diffusion, Midjourney

Throughout history, technological advancement has rendered certain labor obsolete while empowering others. Automation and artificial intelligence breakthroughs have already had a significant influence on workers in areas such as transportation and manufacturing. Today, the creative industry is under jeopardy. Visual artists, designers, illustrators, and other creatives have been watching the development of AI text-to-image producers […]

Hold up! AI art is trending now!

In a nutshell, because it excels at learning—more precisely, machine learning, the term for AI’s unprogrammed ability to learn from its own experiences. It improves with repeated usage. Speech recognition is an example of machine learning since it improves with practice. The AI may have trouble recognizing a word for the first time, but if […]

AI art unconsciously transformed the world

The artificial intelligence community has a new passion. It’s known as generative artificial intelligence, and it relates to the concept of letting computers take over creative work like writing, filmmaking, and graphic design. The year 2022 will undoubtedly be recognized as the beginning of the rebirth of AI art. AI art generators are forging a […]

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