New AI art generators

The year 2022 may go down in history as the year AI art became popular. A flood of high-quality tools from many sources, based on various AI models, is making AI art available to anybody with a smartphone and an Internet connection. An AI model is used by the tools to turn text input, known […]

AI art as artists

As an artist, I’m interested by the rise of AI art and its acceptance in the art world. It’s fascinating to think that artificial intelligence can produce something similar to art, but it’s also scary. On the one hand, AI has the potential to open up the art world and give more people access to […]

To all artists: do not fear AI

Humans like using machine learning to help pathologists, enhance a phone picture, or create a better map. However, AI generators irritate many people. These programs function by spidering photographs from all across the internet, absorbing the visual culture inherent inside them by reading their captions, and then saturating them with fizzy visual noise until they […]

Art aversion may lead to something different

A writer mopes, perplexed.The computers then take over.Blink! The task has been completed. A person wrote this haiku, a classic Japanese poetry of five syllables followed by seven, then five again (me). But what if it’s not? The gap between what’s artistically feasible for people (with free-thinking brains that expand and morph eternally) and what’s […]

Stream of AI art

It’s quite simple to teach a computer to produce works of art. You provide them with data, and then they try to find patterns within that data and recreate those results. Artificial intelligence systems, meanwhile, are untiring in their output of pictures. German AI artist Mario Klingemann believes the hardest aspect is figuring out what […]

Dream, dream, dream…

If you’ve been on Twitter recently, you’ve definitely seen a slew of AI-generated photos springing up all over your feed like strange, algorithmic visions. These images were created with the help of Dream, a new software that allows anybody to make “AI-powered paintings” by just entering a short description of what they wish to see. […]

Let’s go into the future of art

The importance of art and artists continues to grow in an increasingly digital environment. From desktop publishing and picture editing software to video editing and 3D modeling applications, digital technology has played a significant part in this shift. With the growth of AI and machine learning algorithms, we are going through yet another turning point. […]

The philosophy of AI art

Images made by artificial intelligence (AI) are becoming more common, showing up in ads and on Instagram. As image generators like Dall-E 2 become more powerful, easy to use, and popular, agencies may run into technical and practical problems when they try to use them. Most intriguing, though, are the intellectual, theoretical, and ethical problems […]

AI art is here to stay

Big game developers like Ubisoft, who were interested in NFTs at first, have thankfully stopped bringing them up. Now, some people hope that the “make it so uncool that no one will touch it” strategy can be used to stop another trend: the fast-developing AI image generators that make fake, flattering portraits of our friends […]


What occurred in the year 2022? To summarize, several LLM models have entered the mainstream and have swamped all social media sites this year. Everyone in 2022 heard about ChatGPT (million subscribers in 5 days), which outperformed Instagram, which took 2.5 months! I believe everyone saw a visual made by Dall-e, Stable Diffusion, or Midjourney […]

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